Putting Teeth In “Surrender” Under Chapter 13

Congratulations to Boot Camp graduate David Baker who’s article was published in the NACTT journal (Issue: July/August/September n NACTT QUARTERLY n Vol.26, No.4 n 2014). The article ends with. …I believe that chapter 13 trustees should encourage the use of this provision in plans. Standing trustees have specific statutory duties, as stated in §1302(b). These […]

Another Day, Another Family Story

This time it’s Max’s grandmother in the news, referred to in the piece as Mrs. O. Max Gardner. Five years before there was a public library in Shelby, a group of women started a reading group that met daily on the court square. According to an account written by the late Mrs. O. Max Gardner, […]

Another Bankruptcy Boot Camp Army Member in the News

Tom Cox is profiled in an article for Fortune/CNN, discussing his interesting path leading up to his fight against fraud in the mortgage industry and saving peoples’ homes. When I was in private practice, I had law partners that I was seeing every day. I maintain relationships with some of them today, we took great […]

Governor O. Max Gardner and the Great Depression

A nice little piece about Max’s grandfather appeared today in Beach Carolina magazine.

More on Linda Tirelli’s Suit Against Wells Fargo

An excellent, in-depth segment on Democracy Now! featuring Bankruptcy Boot Camp graduate Linda Tirelli. The way I obtained it [Linda], it was actually sitting right there on the Internet, of all things. A colleague of mine, through Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp, which I am a member, an active member, gave it to me and […]

Max Gardner’s New Online Boot Camp Store

We’re kicking off our new online store with NEW streaming video options and NEW low package prices. In our online store, you’ll find these streaming video options: Original BLM Bankruptcy Boot Camp Bankruptcy Basic Training *NEW* Mortgage Litigation and Foreclosure Defense Seminar *NEW* Evidence & Deposition Seminar Save money with package pricing! In addition to […]

Linda Almonte Getting Attention from the Other Side of the Fence

We know we’re doing something right when the opposition turns their attention our way.  Remember when the Mortgage Bankers’ Association decided to put together a little presentation for its annual meeting to help its members combat Boot Campers? Apparently, Max isn’t alone in drawing attention from the opposition.  He recently shared this article from InsideARM.com, […]

Credit Card Collections Mirror Foreclosure Fiasco

As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rolls out new policies and expands the scope of consumer protections, the legal issues surrounding debt collection and debt buyers are getting an increasing amount of attention from the press.  At the same time, state Attorneys General and other agencies are taking a second look at issues that […]

Boot Camper Jamie Ranney in the News for Taking on the Big Banks

Ranney’s commitment to the rule of law and aversion to the “Parade of Horribles” he’s seen in bank behavior had led to a personal crusade–and to front-page coverage in his local Nantucket newspaper, where he’s fighting to keep local residents in their homes.  Follow the links below to read the full article. Ranney I&M 7-3-13 […]

How Ratings Agencies Built the Foundation of the Financial Crisis

It’s been clear for a long time that the decimation of the U.S. economy couldn’t have occurred without the ratings agencies that were charged with determining how risky all of those mortgage-backed investment products might be.  And, since it was very hard to believe that agencies which had successfully performed this role for decades had […]